Paulsboat starts

A rough sketch of the Paulsboat

There comes a day when we must start the boat. When that day comes for me I try to remind myself not to rush things. Check the measurements 3 or 4 times. sometimes 10. I also try to get one thing done a day, every day. even if it is only 15 minutes of setting something up to glue over night. Every little bit helps. So every few days I will post something about this build. I hope to have it in the water as soon as possible given my schedule. But lets just say that a May 12th launch is my goal.

Jim will not be selling plans until I have sailed the prototype. That is some incentive to get it done fast. Hopefully I will get all the kinks out before you build yours!

Paulsboat is a boat designed by Jim Michalak. I had some ideas for a expedition sailing canoe and got Jim to take the bait. The other designs out there look like a lot of fun. The Beth Sailing canoe is a work of art and Storer’s designs are elegant too. My family and I are very familiar with Jim’s work and I only go for a “work boat finish”. Not to say you couldn’t do a bunch or bright work with one of Jim’s boats, but he has a practical approach that saves time, money, and sweat when compared to other designers at little to no performance loss. This is my fourth build and I knew what I wanted. Very briefly, because I will cover this later in an article once the boat is no longer a proto-type, this is what paulsboat is:

15′-6″ long

36″ beam

Yawl rigged

peddle steering, easy to paddle

half-decked, two adults could sit in it for a day sail/paddle

7′ cockpit will allow a person to sleep in the bottom with a nice boom tent

The mizzen is in board

I am hoping it will be light, less then 100 lbs

positive flotation, in a knock down I dont think it would take on any water

550lbs load capacity, more then i asked for (edited, i said at first 250, oops!)

probably tippy and fast. jiffy reefing will be called for

I bought two pieces of BC exterior ply to get started. I have worked a lot with the stuff. For my purposes it works great. Of the 10 or so boats in my family we have never had a problem with home depot BC ply. I drew out the Bulkheads and found one or two questions and sent it on to Jim who responded right away. I also cut out all the lumber I will need to frame the bulkheads along the sides and tops.

Just looking at the outlines of the bulkheads drawn full I can tell this will be a rocket. 15’6″ x 36″ is going to be fast with Jim’s proven multi-chine design.

Next cutting out the Bulkheads and Glueing on the deck and side supports. More pictures to follow shortly.

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5 Responses to Paulsboat starts

  1. Nice start Paul. I will follow with great interest

  2. Robert Terry says:

    Congrats on a very interesting and useful design. I’ll watch closely as you finish her, and post regarding the design parameters. I personally was about to purchase Larsboat plans but may wait until I see how Paulsboat plays out. A refreshing alternative to the expensive and complex alternatives to existing sailing canoe plans…

    • themoffitt says:

      That is what I thought and why I approached Jim for his take on this great concept. I think it will be a big winner and hopefully sell a lot of plans for him. he deserves it for sure.

  3. dan brown says:

    i will be following your build with interest. i have been sailing canoes (regular canoes with added sailing equipment) since i was a teenager and have been wanting to try a purpose built sailing canoe for many years. how many sheets of ply are required for paulsboat?

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