Bulkheads cut out

I cut out the bulkheads and bevelled the pieces for the sides. I didn’t get a chance to glue them on yet.

Here BH2 and BH4, the bow. Forward of BH2 is water tight, that is the smaller one. there will be a access plate in BH4 for storage. BH4 is about 31inches across. In front of BH2 it comes to a pointy bow 2′ forward. All BH are named after there foot station. On the deck side forward of BH2 I will put in an inspection port for the watertight compartment, but I will never use it for storage, just positive flotation.

Here is the temp forms 6 and 8. they make up the cockpit and are 36 inches across. the cockpit is 7′ long between BH4 and BH11. The bottom is 2 feet wide so plenty of room to sleep.

Here is the stern. that little thing is the transom. It is 6′-6″ from BH11 down to that little transom. isn’t it cute? there are deck support beams that run between the transom and BH11.

So far I have spent a total of 2hrs on the build.

so random notes.

I meant to say in my last post that the capacity is 550lbs, NOT 250lbs.

That is BC plywood in the pictures, all with the C side up. I looked through 40! sheets of ply to get these two sheets. By the time I am done with the bottom splice and the bulkheads and ready to buy more ply the stock should have changed over and I should be able to find some more nice pieces.

Please leave comments as it encourages me and insightful comments always help.

Next: Framing the bulkheads and notching them for the deck supports.

if you look at the third from last picture in the following link you can see how the decking will come together. http://www.duckworksbbs.com/plans/jim/imresboat/index.htm

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5 Responses to Bulkheads cut out

  1. Tom Mauer says:

    Looking good so far Paul. I’m watching with real interest in how she turns out. I’m especially curious about the stability. I look forward to seeing her in June. Looking at the drawing I can’t help but wonder what it would look like with a pair of ama’s, kind of like a Trilars setup.

    • themoffitt says:

      I built a lars boat as my first build and intended to do the tri. But with this boat I really wanted a sailing canoe. at this point if i was going to have a trimaran it would be a very large trimaran. something more on the scale of my roonio. It will be tippy and should not be stood up in. but i have a lot of experience in tippy boats so I think I will handle it fine. I will think twice about passing the keys over to someone else though if i suspect they are not fleet of foot.

  2. Bob Throne says:

    I’m only a little jealous .. it looks so much like the Toto I built .. my polytarp arrived yesterday,, so I hope the get the sails cut & made before the hip replacement – enough for a 150sf balanced lug & 25sf sprit mizzen.

    We should both post on the Eastern Messabout – many there would enjoy your blog

  3. Stan says:

    On this boat, you should consider using a better grade of ply. Can you get marine ply where you live?

    • themoffitt says:

      it really comes down to money and i dont think it is worth 40 extra dollars for a sheet of marine. This boat will not live in the water year around and I have never had a problem with any well researched home depot exterior ply. there is no reason for the marine. if I was a millionaire i probably still wouldn’t by the marine.

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