framing out bulkheads


Lots of pictures in today’s installment. I will let the pictures lead the discussion as i frame out the bulkheads.

Here you can see BH2 located 2 feet back from the bow. at the top you will see a small cut off of the deck support beam that goes through the BH. i used the cut off to trace out what i need to cut off of the BH.

Here you can see BH4 which is 4 feet from the bow. You can also see that I cut my hand and bled onto the wood. I have bled on every boat I have ever made. If it is worth building it is worth bleeding on. and this now makes it my boat. I also remeasured everything while I was working on it again to make sure all was right.

I have already cut the bevels I need for the framing for the side support.

I cut and frame BH2. I use tightbond 3. it is the best that I have found. it has never failed me where gorilla glue and elmers wood glue have. that piece of wood laying on the BH2 is the bow filler where the sides come together 2′ in front of the BH2.

While BH2 dries i use scrap to frame out both of the Temp forms. here I just use drywall screws and elmers wood glue Boldly marking all center lines as I move along.

I pause and look around my basement shop. I am lucky. I actually have 3 places I build. this is the smallest and is my basement. I mainly use this area in the winter to work on outboards or small carpentry projects. I am a Technical Director for a Performing Arts Center and am in charge of a rather large wood and steel shop where I can cut very acurate bevels on my new saw stop table saw. and then I also have the Boat barn in the back yard which I will use for assembly and fiberglassing.

I have lost contact with Max W. can someone tell be what year this outboard is? it looks late 60’s to me. I got it for free and am giving it a tune up and will give it to my fathers’s latest project, the prototype build of the Darcy Bryn.

One more shot in case you might recognize it and be able to send me to the right exploded drawings. and now back to buldheads!

Here you can see I took off the clamps and used some mechanical fasteners AFTER the glue is dried. They aren’t there for add strength, although they must add a little. It is more so that if the glue joint fails I will be able to tell by looking at the joint before a catastrophic failure. I have never had one on a BH but it could always happen given the right accident. You will see I laid out the most important tool for adding screws to thin pieces of wood. my counter-sink.

This it BH4 framed up and drying.

here is the front half roughly assembled and lined up!

And Another view. Looking like a spicy meat ball ehh?

And one more shot.

so far 6 total hours of work. did i mention i work fast? i do work with wood for a living so there is that excuse.

Do you see something wrong? let me know please! Next is making the stern deck supports and framing out the transom and BH 11

Off to have a glass of grog,



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3 Responses to framing out bulkheads

  1. lvacgar says:

    Paulsboat looks as if it will be hell-for-stout! A set of detachable launch wheels might help get it from vehicle to launch. Glad it is progressing well…can’t wait for the sailing report. My interest in its efficiency without the sailrig is as strong as with it. Hoping it is efficient enough to use as a paddle powered canoe/kayak as well as an expedition sailing canoe.

    I spent time re-reading info regarding the Beth sailing canoe and a couple others, and Paulsboat looks better by the mninute. Keep up the time log, it will be good to know the final tally!

  2. dan brown says:

    is that blood on the second photo bulkhead???looks like one of my builds ! ; )

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