Bulkheads finished, Bottom Cut and Laminated


A lot more pictures to look out and i will let them do the talking.

Here is the transom. the drawings dont show it but I added a stern post for the rudder. I had a piece of Oak laying around so I used that.

you can see that in 4.5 feet from the bulkhead at station 11′ where it is 3 feet wide in  narrows down to this transom.

I start laying out the bottom along with the help of D’Arcy Bryn. she is checking out the lines and thinks the boat named after here has nicer lines. I disagree but we settle the dispute later with a tea party.

Here she is making some important marks with my carpenters pencil.

The bottom is cut out with a circular saw. I must be getting good at this because it came out very nicely.

Here is close up of the front part of the bottom panel.

And here is the back. The seam in the two pieces of ply is where the BH 11 forward face is positioned. it narrows down to the stern transom. Should be a fast boat to paddle for its sail area.

Here is BH 11, you can see I cut some notches for the rails that support the upper decking.

I cut and prepare the fiberglass to butt join the bottom. I don’t do straps of wood, I always do a sandwich of fiberglass and epoxy. In this case it is needed because BH 11 will be resting right on top of it.

I mixed the epoxy with a touch of wood filler so that it isn’t too runny. whetted down the ply first then added the fiberglass and soaked it too. I made sure that there was epoxy in between the piece of ply as well.

I put sandbags from the theater and an old lee board blank on the joint. then i hooked up some lights so I can hot box the joint while it cures. this is in my shed. it is 50 degrees today and a little warmer then that in the shed, but these light bulbs will make sure it cures at the right temp.


Then I put a tarp over it.

Then I took a look see underneath. ahhhhh.  this is getting easier with every boat.


Next i cut out the sides and bilges. Laminate them, then go 3D!!!!!

any concerns or comments? please leave them here and not in your head!


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8 Responses to Bulkheads finished, Bottom Cut and Laminated

  1. Nice job! Looks like I will have to try this thing out!
    Un Abrazo

  2. Plastic tarp? Gas can? Space heater? Now that is boat building!! 🙂

    • themoffitt says:

      yeah i was wondering who was going to catch that. i can always trust you. it is actually kerosene and no the heater isnt on. the light bulbs have shields on them so the tarp wont touch them.

  3. lvacgar says:

    Awesome! I was just posting a question to JM’s discussion board regarding performance of this hullform. As I was sailing with Gary B and John W from the boat launch to the EC start we were discussing your design build, the Larsboat, and Gary’s streched Larsboat. After spending time watching the start of an EC I have to at least enter in the Ultra Marathon next year, the 60+ miles to CP1. Since Oaracle seemed to be the only JM boat at the beach yesterday we need a few more of his designs represented next year!

    • themoffitt says:

      Try the UM in the paulsboat? i have been tossing around in my mind how it might be possible to do the EC next year but i think it is still a pipe dream. but my schedule kinda works out and then i just need to figure out how to get the 1500 or 2000 it would cost to do this silly event.

      • lvacgar says:

        Dream big! I would help out anyway I can. I live 30 minuted from Ft. Desoto. I plan to run the UM in something next spring, and take time off to be at the finish as well. I will haul some participants back up to their vehicles. If you need any support, let me know… seriously…

      • themoffitt says:

        oh wow having a ride back to the start would be a big help. Ill keep it in mind. I should know this next week if my schedule will let me.

  4. Pehr says:

    Looking great! Can’t wait to see the rest of your progress.

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