Gone 3D

Hi Friends,

as with any good boat build, the builder looks forward to going 3D in much the same way we once salivated over getting our learners permit as a teen. It gives us a licence to really size up where this thing is going.

So to recap the bulkheads are done and the bottom is made. Next is laying out the ply and cutting out the sides and bilges. This boat is long and narrow which means these parts are also long and narrow. Bill said to butt join the 4’x8′ ‘s into 4’x16’. I passed the idea to Jim and said that is how Payson used to do it.

I aligned and joined two sheets of ply and screwed them down to the floor of my boat barn. I add a little bit of saw dust to my epoxy and use waxpaper.

The I put another two pieces of ply down with the epoxy and glass on both sides, covered in waxpaper.

I hot box it all for 36 hours until cured. there is more to this story about how i hot box but ask me if you want my opinion on how to do this.

and it is set to go so I pull out the olde circe sawe.

and I cut out the sides as drawn and cut out the bilges with about 3/4″ of an inch extra because… well you know how these things can go. I estimate doing the sides and bilges this way saved me 2-4 hrs of time.

SO i take it all out and line it up for some 3d plywood on plywood hot action in the 70 degree sun. that is what is up!

and attache the sides to the Temp forms first.

I attach all the rest with some screws and get in the thing! with darcy of course. what do you think? personally i am pretty excited. I think I will want to have a 4″ cushion to get up over the 36″ beam a little.

Darcy gives me a High 5. here you can also see the deck beams roughed in.

Another shot of the lines. Everything aligns ok, even sitting on the rough uneven ground. Dont get me wrong, there will still be a lot of adjusting to do.

I put the bottom on to see how it is going to fit. Looks like I need to take the piccup out of the Boat barn to get around this boat. I will put it on the bed of my truck for next weekend. I hope to get out on the lake.

next I need to fit and do the final cut on the bilges and wire the thing up.

This post, about 8hrs of work,

at 20 hrs total for the build so far.

I like the shape. I liked the way it felt when I sat in it. I am super excited at this point and can already tell it is going to sail and paddle well.

Please let me know what you think.


ps then darcy took a nap

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4 Responses to Gone 3D

  1. Stan Roberts says:

    It looks bigger than I thought it would. This is going to be a good boat , can’t wait to see some sailing photos. Glad you are documenting this build, I may have to build one too.


  2. Scott Gosnell says:

    Looks great! Build faster though, I want to order my set of these plans! I am building a trilars, hmmm… my amas and akas should fit right on top… Enjoying the blog

    • themoffitt says:

      I got the plans for seans sail. thanks for sending them. Build faster? dude I am flying. short of not working a full time on it. it will be done in a month at this rate.

      • Scott Gosnell says:

        Just kidding about building faster. The sail plans for your boat are what I’m interested in for my trilars. The trilars comes with sprit sail plans, but I dont want a 17 ft mast. Keep the photos coming

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