Bilge Panels Attached

And then I attached the bilge panels. well first rough attached them to see if there was any place I need to make them larger. Remember I left them 3/4″ over sized. They seemed to want to fit as drawn so I cut them as drawn. Then I proceeded to attach them with screws to the temporary forms.

I take it out of the barn and take a look.

here you can see the stem but I ended up removing it to actually get the front seam aligned properly. I don’t even know if I will end up using that chuck of wood. It totally got in the way of sewing it up right. I will replace it with epoxy fillet and fiberglass.

It took me a long time to get this all aligned right. I am using zip ties this time around and not the copper wiring I am used to. I think it is going to work out. In fact at first I thought I didn’t like it but now I am a total convert. it made the process easier.

Look at that line. very nice if i do say so myself. it has a great curve that says, “I will cut through you chop.”

When I moved the boat back in the barn I noticed it is about 70 pounds already. I am guessing we will end up at 100 or 120 when all is said and done. Heavier then I wanted, but I don’t think it is realistic to get it any lighter. I am fine with it now that I have thought it though. this will be able to take chop, stand up in 20 or 25 mph wind. and be safe and hopefully even dry. Now if we were at 150# I would have a problem.

so here we are with the obligatory picture of Darcy checking out the work. I am already giddy with excitement. The true test of this boat will be on this years OBX.

Thoughts or questions?


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2 Responses to Bilge Panels Attached

  1. lvacgar says:

    Is it an optical illusion, od do the sides seem to be pinched inward at the second temporary bulkhead behind Darcy? Looks great. If she performs anywhere near the way she looks I’ll have my order in for plans as soon as she’s wet!

  2. thatmoffitt says:

    Well there are two things going on there at that temporary form. The temp form 6 in front and the Bulkhead11 behind it are 3′ wide, and the Temp Form 8 in question is also 3′. But the sides are curving up to BH 11 from the transom and the same is true of the front. so you end up with the ply having to rebound and it comes back “in” to make a straight side. Once that tem form is removed the hour glass shape will disappear. Does that make sense?

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