Nice Bottom

I Glassed the shit out of that bottom.  I gotta say it is the best job I have ever done. I flipped the boat and studied the lines. There are a couple of small misalignment here or there but they are so small to be inconsequential. The most important part, the bow, is perfect.

So i flipped the boat, sanded the seams, filled in the holes and glassed the seams with one piece of tape.

I am only doing one layer of glass and not two staggered. I am instead glassing the bottom all the way over the bilges with 4 oz clothe. the seams are 6 oz tape. Both from where i get most of my supplies from. In a larger boat you should use two layers of glass on the outside seams. I bet Jim even draws them into this design. But I don’t think it is needed. Especially since I covered all with a sheet of glass.

I had to pay extra attention to getting the bilge seams that make up the Bow. I used thickened epoxy and 6″ epoxy tape which I still have left over from my catamaran build 9 years ago.

And then I sanded AGAIN.

And again more sanding.

I laid out the 5 yards of cloth and cut out enough to cover up to the side seams. I used a sharpie to mark where the seams line up with the cloth to keep in all straight when I pour on the epoxy.

You can see here some of the sharpie marks on the seams to align the glass properly.

With the help of a friend I mixed up a BIG batch of epoxy. I ended up being right on with the amount I needed. 3 pints with some hard wood flour. Just a touch of the wood flour. I used the supper strong medium viscosity raka epoxy. Really great stuff. I will only use it from now one. I always used low viscosity before. The medium fills the weave very nicely. Slow hardener all the way. In 75 degree weather it had a work time of about 30 minutes.

as you can see no air bubbles. I used a soft Bondo squeegee to spread the epoxy.   I started on the top center and worked out from there. I tried to leave behind just enough to fill the weave and no more.

I am really really pleased. It cured perfectly. I will let it sit two days before sanding.

that is a spicy meatball. (you have to say that to yourself in your best Joe pesci impersonation.)

I think I have fallen behind. I wanted to be done by the start of may but that obviously is not going to happen. I am thinking end of may now.

I am going to finish the bottom by adding a runner and a skeg. Then paint. Then flip for the rest of the build. Decks, masts steps, steering and painting.

10 hours to do what was in this post. I am up to 52 hours for the build so far.



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