I have very few pictures for such a lot of work. But you don’t care how much sanding I did. (4 hours) Or what I decided to bondo or not out of vanity. (very little) What do you think of the color? (Its called Mint. and my trim will be orange.)

Here I line up the skeg. Notice I have already sanded the whole boat now that it  is glassed, and attached a runner along the entire bottom. As far as lining up the skeg to match the curve of the bottom this is how I do it.

And here you can see how i marked it. Fairly easy. Do you do it a different way? I would be really interested in knowing if I am reinventing the wheel or if there is an easier way.

And then i wave my wand and it is magically all sanded again, a pinch of bondo, 1 quart Killz Complete, 1 quart exterior latex.

I attached the skeg and runner with epoxy putty.

Jim says this runner is to add stiffness to the bottom of the boat for the occupant or two.

In this extreme shot you can see some of the outlines of the fiberglass. But still I think this is a great finish compared to some of my others. and with minimal effort. I have taken the motto that it is easier to remove before it dries then to sand it after. I think Confucius said that?

Next I flip and do the mast steps and decks.

What do you do with your skek?

what do you think of the color?

11 hours work this post. 63 hours total. (this hour count does not include trips to home depot.)

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2 Responses to Mint

  1. W. P. Moffitt says:

    Nicest finish yet! Good job!

  2. piccup says:

    I like the color, nice choice.


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