Penultimate Post

I should be blogging more often so you can see the process more. Oh well. So I have lots of pictures and want to finish the boat up this week. To the pictures we go.

I flipped the boat and installed the deck rails. I also primed and painted the water tight compartments. I also, as you can see, glued and installed the wales.

Here you can see I made the wales a parallelogram. I didn’t do the grip wales which my father has turned me on to because that would add a lot of weight, but at least this way i still get some grip.

Rear lower mast mount installed.

Here you can see the lower main mast mount and some of the upper too. yes there is a drainage hole in both of the lower mounts.

Here is a better view of the upper mast mount and the fore deck rail. Water tight compartments painted.

Here you can see how the wales come together with the deck rail.

i fit the deck’s onto the boat after cutting them out.

I glue the decks on and use screws. i have never used nails. I want someone to explain to me the advantage of nails over screws.

Then I took a break and made the main sail.

And the Mizzen sail cut out too. but then back to the real work. Oh but the way this is my shop at work.

I cut out the holes for the hatches and test fit all. Looks good.

Time to bend the coaming on and glue it.

I use caulk and screws for the center portion of the back deck so I can get back in there for maintenance or what not.

Here you can see looking up under the decking at the upper main mast mount.

I eyeball and cut the other side of the coaming and cut with a Jap saw. (is the politacally correct?)

Here you can see how it all came together. Notice i put the coaming on the outside of the main mast instead of along the decking as drawn. I figure this will keep water from coming in the mast mount.

Looking good! I go around and fill all holes and places I need too on the deck with epoxy putty.

I finished off this 8 hour day by making all the bits. from Left to Right, lower lee board mount, upper lee board mount, rudder horns, rudder stock, lee board, and rudder with lead hole cut out.

So everything in this post was 18 hours. that brings up the total to 82.

I am really trying to get the boat done this week. I leave on the 20th for Spain. i get back on the 30th and leave for the Eastern Messabout the next day. I want the splash there. Seems improbably like it might actually happen.




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3 Responses to Penultimate Post

  1. W. P. Moffitt says:

    Wow! Looks really good! I especially like the wale modification.
    Simple and effective. So many nice things about this design. Kudos to Michalak as well.

  2. Bob Throne says:

    The more I see of it, the more I like it. It’s gonna want your attention when it pipes up, but it’ll be a ball. Can’t wait to see it on the water at Elk Neck. (Tom Maurer helped me install the Wanderer tabernacle yesterday; I’m making a fold-over forward support for the spars & sail today. Spars are ready to paint. Making a gallows later in the week. Will tie the sail to the spars next Sat … when Steve splashes his new skiff. My refit splash a week later; week before.)

    If we don’t touch bases, have a great trip.

  3. lvacgar says:

    Looks awesome. On the rear deck section you caulked…was it latex caulk or something like 5200? Looking forward to paddling and sailing reports… good luck on the completion and a great looking design!

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