Built and ready for a Splash

So it is Built!!!! But admittedly there is still the bending of the sails and final rigging to get done. I hope to get most of that done on sunday before I leave for Spain to visit some family and introduce my Daughter D’Arcy to them. When I get back on the 31st my father Bill will be getting in at the same time at the airport. We will do some finishing and loading of boats and head to the Eastern Messabout where I will Splash the boat for the first time. So expect my next post June 3rd with a sailing report.

To the Pictures!!!


So I did a lot of painting and took the boat out and sat in it. I put my butt where jim drew it and estimated where I wanted the foot pedals. I am working on an article for chuck about the whole foot pedal thing so i am not going to talk about it too much here.


Here you can see that I decided to mount them to the bilge panels. Originally I thought I would put them on the bottom but it turns out it is more comfortable on the bilges.


I used wood glue and fiberglass tape to attache the mounting studs for the foot pedals. (thanks duckworksmagazine.com!!!!)


I let them dry. I used glue instead of epoxy so I can later rip the out studs and put them where I need them when I find the even keel / comfort level of bent knees.


I mounted the rudder. Plenty good enough to get it in the water. for the OBX I will change out the hardware. All rigging and pintle’s and grudgen’s from duckworks. thanks chuck. you are the man.


I mounted the Lee board. Took me a couple of tries. did a lot more sanding and painting. I took a short cut with the rudder and leeboard and instead of laminating 3 pieces of 1/4″ ply  together used an old piece of 3/4″ AC ext ply. You can also see I installed the see through hatches.


I made a quick inuit style double paddle and you can see all the spars and and masts painted too off to the left.


another view of things.


Here you can see I made and mounted the rear hatch. Plenty of room in this boat for a weeks worth of economical camping. or am I crazy? we will see in september at the OBX.


Wow what I build. Fast too. even by my standards and I have built all my boats fast.

So I plan on testing the shit out of this prototype June 1-3 at the Eastern Messabout. I want to do a capsize test and hopefully the wind will be both strong and weak. I will also be bring my new piccup which I splashed last fall.

this post about 20 hrs. 102 hours plus or minus 10 hrs, not including trips to home depot.



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6 Responses to Built and ready for a Splash

  1. Bob Throne says:

    Very nice ! Great trip – Bob

  2. Thomas Mauer says:

    Wow. Great looking boat Paul. I’m really looking forward to seeing her put through her paces in June. I’ll sure to have questions about your footpegs too.

  3. Scott Gosnell says:

    She looks great, looking forward to the sailing report

  4. lvacgar says:


    Have you written much, or followed up anywhere else regarding the overall experience of ownership, handling, improvements, etc for Paulsboat? Quite interested. How well does the hull paddle (single or double) when not sailing?

    • themoffitt says:

      I actually have commented on the michalak forum and other places but not officially here. I will write up a post about the performance in the next couple of days.

      • lvacgar says:

        I just read the article that posted to Duckworks this morning, and it was immensely helpful. A detailed sailing and paddling performance report would complete things nicely.

        Do you think it would take another foot or so in length well? Percy Blandford’s canvas models in the 17′ range have 8′ cockpits, which I could use at 6’4″, as well as accepting two crew on occasion. How would Paulsboat handle two good sized crew?

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